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Services Civil Engineering

The company has already executed a large number of small and medium sized projects as main contractor, private or public. Additionally the company employed on a sub-contractor basis in some of the largest construction projects financed under main development programs (Third Community Frame Support of EU) took place in Greece.

Field Services

  • Road Constructions, including earth works, sub-base and base course layers construction, asphalt layers construction.

  • Bridge Construction, including precast or cast in-situ concrete elements, reinforcement preparation and placement, using a variety of construction methods such as normal scaffolding incremental or girder launching, post-tensioning etc.

  • Special foundation and shoring works including sheet piling, concrete pilling, Berlinoise walls etc.

  • Hydraulic constructions, including sewerage drain or rain draining pipeline construction, pipe or box culverts, waste disposal treatment facilities, water tanks, water dams , flood-preventing, etc.

  • General building works such as residential & industrial buildings, schools, storage facilities, steel structures etc.

  • Aggregates Recycling. The company is able to recycle/screen rock excavated material (with the use of mobile crusher/screen) and produce the crashed materials volumes required in order to obtain the minimum effect to the environment and be cost effective for its clients.

GaiaComm has all the necessary administrative experience obtained by long presence participation of its personnel in the most demanding and complex construction projects. Moreover the company is equipped with modern and well maintained machinery operated by skillful and experienced personnel. All the activities characterized by the excellent construction quality and within the pre defined execution timetable.


Wind Park & PV Civil Works

In relation to the highly expertise in the construction sector, GaiaComm expanded its Renewable Energy footprint to construction services including Wind Parks & Photovoltaic (PV) fully constructions services.
GaiaComm is able to undertake, if required, the execution of the above needed design studies referring to road construction, static & geotechnical studies more specific our services include the following:

Construction of new site access roads

GaiaComm has the experience and ability to construct site access roads in all types of ground conditions  in many challenging locations. In new site access roads GaiaComm provide's drainage channels and crossings where required that may not have been set out in the design process. Also we evaluate each site individually to ensure that the impact on the environment is minimised.

Construction of turbine foundations
Wind Turbine foundations consist a critical element of the complete structure. Each turbine manufacturer has their own specific type of foundation but there are a few key elements that are common to all foundations:
• Mass concrete (from 120-500m3)
• Reinforcement (from 10-50 tonnes)
• Basket or “can” (weighing from 2 to 15 tonnes) cast into the foundation to connect to the tower
GaiaComm have an extensive experience of a variety of foundation types.
Foudation construction it is critical to ensure quality control is of high importance. During the construction the reinforcement is meticulously checked against the plans to ensure that all the bars are tied correctly as laid out in the plans. At all times the levels of the basket or can (whichever is specified) are checked to ensure that they comply with the minute tolerances set out in the specification. Finally, when it comes to pouring the concrete it is critical to ensure that the concrete is placed and compacted correctly. We also ensure that the mass pour is managed properly to ensure that there are no gaps in concrete supply and everything runs smoothly on the day of the pour. After each pour the foundations is protected against the elements to ensure that the concrete cures properly, i.e. to prevent surface and thermal cracking.

Cable Trenching Construction

Cable trenching is an essential part of wind farm projects. It serves to carry the cabling and communications equipment from the turbines to the substation, where the medium voltage electricity is increased in voltage with a transformer to connect to the electricity grid. On some wind farms it is also necessary to provide trenching (interconnector) to bring the higher voltage electricity to the grid.

Sub station building Construction

GaiaComm is able to construct substations to the high specification set out by electricity providors.
We are able to provide the substation structure from the foundations, cable trench, walls and roofs as designed to a high quality.

Project Managment
GaiaComm have an extensive experience of managing civil projects and provide's on site project management during the construction of PV or wind farms. We have experienced staff that will control the day to day running of the site and will take responsibility for:
• Ordering and programming of deliveries
• Control of site activities in a cost effective manner
• Site diary
• Quality control of all site works and documentation
• Site safety
• Environmental control
• Programming of site works