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Products Post-Tensioning System

Post-Tensioning Systems

Post-tensioning is a means of strengthening or reinforcing concrete by introducing stress to the element using high strength steel bars or strands. A compressive force is applied to the concrete member, which strengthens the slab and can allow it to remain in compression when it flexes under applied loads. This method of construction provides many benefits over traditionally reinforced concrete. In buildings it can provide thinner slabs resulting in lower building heights and consequently a reduction in the amount of concrete required, thereby offering both cost and environmental benefits. Longer spans can be achieved which increase layout flexibility and offer cost-savings in terms of service location and maximisation of valuable floor space. In the design of bridges, post-tensioning can allow the creation of longer, more slender spans with fewer supports thereby facilitating the design of more elegant and aesthetic structures. Post-tensioned concrete can also minimise problems of cracking and settlement, to improve structural durability and longevity. For more than 40 years CCL has pioneered the use of post-tensioning solutions worldwide. CCL advanced post-tensioning systems have been extensively used in the construction of high-calibre structures including bridges, oil platforms, sports stadia and nuclear power stations.

CCL is involved in projects from conception, offering assistance to meet the requirements of the structure and local technical standards. The Company’s scope of work on civil structures includes value engineering, alternative construction techniques, shop drawings, supply of materials and equipment, and site supervision.

CCL is an ISO registered company that complies with BS EN ISO 9001 2008. Its systems have been tested and approved to the requirements of the latest FIP "Recommendations for acceptance of post-tensioning systems", ETAG 013, BS-EN13391:2004 and AASHTO. CCL also holds UK CARES and American PTI approvals. Its global presence, experience and expertise enables CCL to offer clients a local solution backed by international engineering and construction techniques. 

GaiaComm is the official distributor of CCL products for the region of Greece.