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About us The Company

GaiaComm Ltd. founded in 2006 as the successor of the previously contracting company Gaia Special Geotechnical Constructions operating in the construction business in Greece during the past 15 years as private and public contractor, sub-contractor and as on-site Manager/Engineer with a lot of experience in special geotechnical projects. Currently the Company is an independent contractor and expanded its operations in the sectors of Renewable Energy, Civil Engineering, Special Geotechnical Works, and Environmental Monitoring Systems.

The Company offers complete solutions in Core Drilling, Foundation Investigation, Grouting, Anchoring, Pilling, Tunnel Excavation, Slope Stabilization, Geotechnical Instrumentation and Post Tensioning Systems (extensively used in bridge and building construction), Road Construction, Special Foundation and Shoring Works, Wind Monitoring Services, Met-Masts Design Construction and Installation, Wind Park Construction, Hydraulic and Sewage works and Building Projects.

The Company owns a coplete fleet of machinery and equipment in order to carry out complete works on geotechnical investigation, large scale excavations, earth moving activities and renewable energy. A short list of the available equipment can be viewed here.

GaiaComm Ltd. has a long experience in supplying and installing geotechnical and wind monitoring instrumentation for use in a wide range of engineering applications such as dams, tunnels, slope or embankment protection works and wind monitoring projects. The company is able to carry out extensive measurement operations and perform the related services according to international standards and practices for data collection and processing, error reporting & troubleshooting, inspection and final presentation.

The company operating in wind energy with long experience in the sector and is able to support wind energy projects with competitive products and specialized services that cover a wide range of needs in wind energy projects. These services categorized as follows:

  • Wind Farm Development:
    • Identification of suitable areas to develop wind energy projects and creating wind maps through, specialized software simulations and exploitable wind climate data bases around the globe. 
    • Detailed design - optimization of wind farms, with the assistance of specialized in-house state-of-the-art software and internal expertise that has developed from the implementation of last generation wind farms.
    • Thorough sustainability assessments, including measurements of wind capacity by DIN-EN IEC 61400 and energy studies targeted to the bankability of the projects.
    • Physical and / or web interface training and development of guides and lessons learned for critical technical issues.
  • Wind Farm Construction:
    • Construction accompanying works, using appropriate equipment.
    • Construction management.
    • Construction works optimization, a special procedure that has been developed taking into account the weather forecasts and the interaction of the individual construction tasks.
  • Wind Farm Operations:
    • Wind production forecasts, one of the few operational forecasting systems deployed worldwide.
    • Recording and evaluation unit operation.
  • Small Wind Turbines:
    • Supply and installtations of small wind turbines 5-50kW.
    • Maintenance & Operation Services.

All services were reinforced with internal expertise developed by implementing last generation wind farms with the use of advanced computational tools and methods. These techniques contribute variously to the economic and technical assurance of the investment; provide the necessary tools for the optimal decision making; and accelerate the implementation of wind energy projects.
These benefits undoubtedly are added value to each recipient because they combine the provision of expertise with the absence of any additional expenditure or time.
Additionally, it should be noted that GaiaComm is cooperating with highly specialized staff in wind energy while maintains strategic partnerships with other commercial, research and academic institutions in the country. Within this context, GaiaComm has exclusive rights to use specialized software tools, methods, techniques and exploitable databases.
The high quality of our services is guaranteed thought the highly expertise procedures that developed internally in order to evaluate the creditability of all construction works, these procedures could be described as unique.

Our activities in Wind Energy Sector provide turn key solutions covering all development stages from early site evaluation up to the final construction works. More specific GaiaComm offer the following services to their Clients: Wind Speed & Direction Measurements according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (certificate), Supply Installation and Maintenance services of our designed ''WindBorn'' & ''WindBorn Alpine'' Lattice masts series at height ranges from 10-130m, Energy Yield and wind resource assessments, Geotechnical Investigations, Construction of new site access roads, Construction of turbine foundations, Construction of crane hardstandings, Cable - trenching construction, Construction of Sub-station building, Project Managment.

GaiaComm Ltd operates within an effective and extensive Environmental Policy, which encompasses the issues of sustainable construction, recycling and re-use of materials, protection of the environment and our careful use of natural resources. Our responsible attitude to managing the environment ensures we have a workforce in place that is dedicated to minimizing potentially harmful effects on the environment.  We are committed to achieving sustainable development through balancing our company aims with responsible environmental considerations.