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Need for Tall Tower ?
Measurements of wind characteristics over a wide range of heights up to and above 80m are useful to:

(1) characterize the local and regional wind climate

(2) validate wind resource estimates derived from numerical models

(3) evaluate changes in wind characteristics and wind shear over the area swept by the blades.

Delivering wind measurements at advanced turbine hub heights benefits wind energy development. Specific circulations such as low-level jet and the land-sea breeze influence many locations. These circulations may have a greater influence on the wind resource at 80–100 m than at 50 m. The strong winter winds that frequently affect the northern and central tiers may also affect the wind resource. These winds are often prevented from mixing down to the 50-m level by a strong surface-based stable layer, but whether or how often these winds descend to the 100-m level is not known.
A tall tower will better define areas where wind energy projects could be feasible, and may include regions where current 50m measurements indicate the wind resource may not be sufficient for a profitable project.

GaiaComm after many years of experience in the field of wind measurements introduces the newlly designed tall-tower WindBorn Series Lattice type mast. An triangular guyed supporting lattice tower of a maximum height up to 120m. This tower is ideally suited for wind resourse assesments above the boundary layer of 80m. This is our most modern and optimized design at present. The Series represent the most optimized towers that you can find in the markedplace today. Light in weight, fast to install and with an optimal foundation to save cost and time.

WindBorn Series - 40-100m (Lattice)

The tower consists of standard modules. The correct modules and dimension are chosen to ensure sufficient strength and stiffness and to maintain minimum weight. Each module is made of high-tension carbon steel according to EN1011 & EN 729-2 standards. All connecting bolts are of quality 10.8. All structures and accessories are hot dip galivanized according to EN ISO 1461 standard. The steel structure analyzed with a 3D model space frame. Analysis is carried out under theories of EC-3 due to tension elements. Check of sections and members made according all necessary parts of EuroCode 1-3.

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WindBorn Alpine Series - 50-120m (Lattice)

All WindBorn standard version series offered in alternative WindBorn Alpine version, which is suitable for installations in the harshest enviroments with extreme wind and snow conditions. WindBorn Alpine tower is able to withstand wind speeds under icing conditions that exceed typical masts technical specifications under the assumption of a tower covered 100% with ice.

Wind Masts 10-50m (Tubular)

GaiaComm provides a wide range of tubular masts specifically designed for assessing wind resources in the harshest climates. The masts are made from high performance steel tubing and are flared at one end by a special process that enables the sections to slot together without the use of fastening devices. There are several sets of guys (depending the mast height), four at each height, attaching the mast to anchor points on the ground.
The design of this type of masts is based on years of experience in the installation and use of temporary towers in extreme locations. The result is a mast of superior performance, optimised for simplicity with the minimum of parts and components for an easy-erect installation. When the measurements are complete, all that is  left on site are footprints. The mast is designed to survive the wind conditions as specified in IEA Wind Site Classification 1 with structural integrity meeting  BS5950 standards. Each mast is easy to erect and dismantle.

Custom Services

GaiaComm contineously develops its products and is able to provide fully customized services. We are able to custom design, construct, install and maintain masts according to your requirements. Additionally we provide custom wind analysis and reporting services according to customer requirements. The customer has only to set the technical specifications and we are able to provide the best solution for your project.
The range of towers that GaiaComm is able to provide custom solutions are the following:

Mast Type

Height in Meters


10, 20, 30, 40, 50


40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120

Lattice Self Support

60, 70, 80, 90