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Services Photovoltaic Energy

Photovoltaic Energy

GaiaComm has extensive experience in planning, management and execution of PV projects and processes related. Our experience is gained by the successful completion of 140MW by our company, by our executives and their proven track record in the construction sector, by the contribution of references by members of our synergy network as also through our working alongside our customers' engineering, management and operating teams, with emphasis on our involvement and cooperation as contractors in construction projects deliverable to multinational companies.

Field Services

  • Detailed design and development of PV projects.
  • Identification of suitable areas to develop PV energy projects through, specialized software
    simulations and exploitable wind climate data bases around the globe.
  • Energy Yield Assessments.
  • Construction works, using appropriate equipment.
  • PV Geotechnical & Civil Works and studies.
  • PV Construction management, optimization, a special procedure that has been developed
    taking into account the weather forecasts and the interaction of the individual
    construction tasks.
  • PV base design and construction.
  • Operational and maintenance Services.