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Products Small Wind Turbines 20-50kW

Argosy Wind Power™ is a global leader of wind turbine systems for Community Wind applications.  With over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing wind turbines, Argosy Wind Power’s™ team deploys innovative and advanced technologies which are ordinarily only found in large mega-watt utility sized turbines.
Advanced, permanent magnet / direct drive, gearless, technologies not only radically improve the performance of our turbine systems but also drastically improve their reliability and decrease maintenance and repair problems.
Technologies not only radically improve performance of our turbine systems but also drastically improve their reliability and drastically decrease maintenance and repairs problems.
The philosophy underpinning our proprietary design was to engineer a turbine that was as simple as possible with as few moving and touching parts as was possible.  The result of our efforts was a direct drive, permanent magnet generator system utilizing a variable frequency drive combined with other performance enhancing and safety features.

Direct Drive: Our proprietary direct drive system means that power is not wasted in the friction normally resulting from belts and sheaves or gearboxes.  Not only does this result in a simpler design with fewer moving parts, less noise and higher torque but most importantly, lower maintenance and repair problems.

Permanent Magnet Generators: Our proprietary turbines use permanent magnet generators as the corner stone of their design.  Our permanent magnet generator technology not only allows our turbines to produce more power at lower wind speeds but also eliminates the need for a gear-box – drastically reducing maintenance and repair requirements of our systems.

Variable Frequency Drive: By deploying variable frequency drives in our proprietary design, our turbines not only achieve greater efficiency but also permit starting torque control so that our turbines can begin generating energy at a much lower blade speeds.  And, because we use regenerative variable frequency drives, we’ve added an extra level of safety factor by allowing our turbines to be safely shut down in the event of excessive wind conditions – even beyond our five braking system.Five

Active Yaw: Our active yaw system constantly monitors the wind conditions where our turbine is located through advanced ultrasonic sensor technology, calculates the optimal direction based on “real time” wind conditions and then automatically adjusts the turbine direction so that the blades are positioned for the most optimal energy production.

Five Braking Systems: Our turbines are engineered with safety as our highest priority – which is why we deploy redundancy at multiple levels.  Every one of our turbines comes standard with five braking systems.

Remote Access Monitoring: In order to ensure ongoing proper operation, our turbines come standard with remote access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through standard internet connections.  This monitoring provides you and our technicians detailed information about the operation of our turbines which both helps to identify issues before they become a problem and to quickly and efficiently solve problems when they occur.

Argosy Wind Power™, and everyone on our entire team, is committed to excellence in engineering and manufacturing and to principals of good global citizenship.  In everything that we do, we commit to our customers and to our community.