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Services Wind Energy

Wind Measurements

GaiaComm has an extensive experience in wind resource assessment services. The company so far has developed a large number of projects and has a considerable expertise in wind data collection analysis and interpretation. Due to its long presence in the sector GaiaComm has designed and developed advanced tools in order to cover the most demanding project requirements. Additionally provides all the necessary support scientific and technical, during the project evaluation and interpretation of collected data. The company has set as a main priority to provide answers in all critical questions regarding the wind project available resources in order to minimize the investment risk.
GaiaComm designs, manufactures and installs all the equipment required in order to perform wind speed and direction measurements at different height levels. A complete range of meteorological towers including tubular and lattice type at heights ranges from 10 up to 130m will ensure maximum data availability and quality. All towers are made of various materials depending on the measurement height, the site location and the wind site requirements. Experienced personnel will ensure the installation of any system even in the most remote and inaccessible areas.
GaiaComm since 2006 operates and continuously develops an accredited laboratory for wind speed and direction measurements. The company aims to provide specialized solutions tailored to specific needs and requirements of each project. All wind assessment services performed under the international standards IEC-61400-12-1 and according to EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005.

Energy Yield Assessments

Given the stochastic characteristics of wind, the evaluation, design and final implementation of an electricity production plant with main resource the use of wind requires detailed procedures in order to minimize the uncertainty. These procedures should be followed during the initial design stage as well as to the final energy yield assessment of the candidate wind park. The above includes the following:  first the initial in situ measurements for the realization of the available wind resources of the W/P. All measurements should be performed within the W/P installation location and in accordance to the International Electromechanical Standards (IEC). Second, the use of measured data for the preparation of a complete and detailed energy study. It should be noted that a limited period of wind measurements can provide only limited safety energy production estimates for the specific period.
The process of developing a comprehensive energy study passes in principle through the analysis of representations of wind fields within that area. In particular, there are generally two options:
i) the one that uses specialized computer codes, that completely solve the three-dimensional wind flow field, taking into account coherently phenomena and turbulent mixtures. These provide the ability to capture the morphological details of the wind field, and is more appropriate due to the accuracy it provides and thus secures the results in cases of complex terrain where topography significantly effect the formation of wind characteristics.
ii) and the other that makes use of a more simplified standards and recommended in cases where not expected complexity in wind flow fields, eg in cases of flat topography. GaiaComm knowing the particularities that governing energy yield assessments provides the appropriate techniques and the specialized software tools that are properly designed to address complex technological wind problems.

Small Wind Turbines Installation & Maintenance

GaiaComm took advantage of its extensive experience in mega wind projects and expanded its operations in small wind turbines; the services cover the supply, installation and maintenance of small wind turbines range from 1-50kW.


The Company through its installed quality assurance policy regarding wind potential intended for the estimation of wind turbine generator performance is able to perform wind speed and direction measurement tests under the scope of IEC 61400-12-1 procedures. The company operates a laboratory of wind measurements with accreditation certificate No. 317-3 according to ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. All sensors used comply in full with the international calibration procedures and standards. GaiaComm uses only certified MEASNET members for the completion of related services.
The company developed its own data analysis software in order to perform the best possible quality tests for the collected data.

Field Services

  • Detailed design - optimization of wind farms, with the assistance of specialized in-house state-of-the-art software and internal expertise that has developed from the implementation of last generation wind farms.
  • Identification of suitable areas to develop wind energy projects and creating wind maps through, specialized software simulations and exploitable wind climate data bases around the globe.
  • Wind Potential Measurements and Analysis
  • Wind Speed and Direction measurements according to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • Energy Yield Assessments
  • Wind towers design and construction¬† from 10 up to 130m.
  • Wind towers installations from 10 up to 130m.
  • Complete wind towers maintenance services.
  • Full Package Equipment Rental Services According to customer needs.
  • Modernization and optimization of existing wind monitoring systems.
  • Construction accompanying works, using appropriate equipment.
  • W/P Construction management.
  • W/P Construction works optimization, a special procedure that has been developed taking into account the weather forecasts and the interaction of the individual construction tasks.
  • Complete repair and calibration services.
  • Wind production forecasts, one of the few operational forecasting systems deployed worldwide.
  • Recording and evaluation unit operation.
  • Physical and / or web interface training and development of guides and lessons learned for critical technical issues.
  • Supply and installtations of small wind turbines 5-50kW.
  • SWT operational and maintenance Services.