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GaiaComm is an independent contracting company operating in the sectors of renewable energy, civil engineering, special geotechnical works, and environmental monitoring systems. The company offers complete solutions according to particularities of each project in the following sectors: foundation investigation, grouting, anchoring, piling, tunnel excavation, slope stabilization, geotechnical instrumentation and post tensioning systems extensively used in bridge and building construction, road construction, special foundation and shoring works, hydraulic and sewage works and building projects. By owning a complete fleet of self-owned machinery and equipment, the company is able to carry out geotechnical works, large scale excavation and earth moving activities. A short list of the owned machinery and equipment can be viewed here. We provide products and services in order to help our customers measure and estimate the wind and the soil. We take great pride in delivering precise, reliable and proven meteorological and geotechnical assessment equipment.

GaiaComm Ltd. has long experience in supplying and installing geotechnical instrumentation for use in a wide range of engineering applications such as dams, tunnels, slope or embankment protection works. The company is able to carry out measurements and perform the related data collection, processing, error reporting, inspection and troubleshooting services. Our activity in Wind Energy Sector provides turn key solutions covering the following services: wind park construction works, energy yield and wind energy resource assessment, meteorological monitoring, data analysis of wind potential measurements, supply, installation and maintenance of several types of met masts, tubular and own produced lattice type of up to 100m high combined with all kind of sensors and data logging units available.

GaiaComm measuring masts can be erected in almost any location with or without road access. Through the installed quality assurance system EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for wind speed & direction measurements and in accordance to IEC 61400-12-2 International Standard specifications for power performance measurements of electricity producing wind turbines GaiaComm provides reliable and independent data reporting analysis services.